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I, Miss Hope Springs, was born Helen O'Flaherty Sprinchitz some time in the early-ish part of the last century in a suburb of Las Vegas known as Paradise. I was raised by my single mother Rusty and only had a basic education - learning the rudiments of macramé, Lithuanian and tap by the age of 5.
As I was always tall for my height, I was picked up (I mean out), at 16 years old by the manager of the lesser know Pink Pelican Casino in the more 'liberal' part of the Nevada frontier where I danced three shows a night.
However artistic difference led me to find a new method of employment and I was discovered one night by Ray Charles who helped me find first job as a cocktail pianist and singer in The Starlight Lounge.
I began writing songs, and wrote numbers for all the greats. Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como. They never sang any of the songs so she had to sing them herself...
I returned to the Pink Pelican in the early 70s as a headline act and worked with everyone from Sir Noel Coward to Liberace. Bad investments led me to bankruptcy and, after the Pink Pelican was dynamited and redeveloped, I took refuge in the UK.

In 1973 I emigrated to London with my hairdresser husband Irving Less (hence I never uses my married name and stick to Miss) where I embarked on a solo career in the bars of Soho and an occasional appearance down the docks in Portsmouth.

I currently live with Irving and his protégé Carlos in their 'luxury winnebago' (a camper van) in Dungeness.

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